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2022 Festival Schedule

Program 1: Saturday April 9th, 2:30pm

-Wilderness Days, dir. by Jason Younkman, 2021, US

-Love letter to Glasgow, dir. by Myria Christophini, 2021, UK

-Washington, D.C., dir. by Tomas Csonka, 2019, US/Czech Republic

-XCTRY, dir. by Bill Brown, 2018, US

-We Had Each Other, dir. by Kelly Gallagher, 2021, US

-Flashbacks, dir. by Dominic Angerame, 2021, US

-Mam’s Old Chair, dir. by Sheena Walsh, 2021, Ireland

-Displaced, dir. by Alex Mendez Giner, 2019, US/Greece/Italy/Laos/Spain

-Larama, dir. by Luciana Decker, 2020, Bolivia 

-Black&White, dir. by Eluned Zoe Aiano & Anna Benner, 2019, Czech Republic

-Red Wisdom, dir. by Hossein Moradizadeh, 2020, Iran

-Wasuremono (The Forgotten), dir. by Mina Cruz, 2021, Philippines

-Someplace in Time, dir. by Scott Palazzo, 2021, US

-REVER (See Again), dir. by Raquel Gandra, 2020, France/Brazil

Program 2: Saturday April 9th, 4:45pm

-For All Audiences, dir. by Josh Weissbach, 2018, US

-How I Choose to Spend the Remainder of my Birthing Years, dir. by Sarah Lasley, 2020, US

-HRDPF: A Brief Rendering, dir. by Emily M Van Loan, 2021, US

-Water Falls, New York City, dir. by Ann Deborah Levy, 2019, US

-Alexander Mosolov. Three Pieces, dir. by Natalia Ryss, 2020, Belarus/Israel/Russia

-Singing of the waters, dir. by Tassia Mila Novaes, 2021, Brazil

-Bell Jarred, dir. by Alexander Fingrutd, 2021, US

-Ellery’s Body, dir. by Sarah Soucek, 2021, US

-Clara, dir. by Janelle VanderKelen, 2016, US

-The Withdrawal, dir. by Chandni Srivastava, 2021, India

-I sit and look out, dir. by Gábor Balázs, 2021, Romania

-Faceless, dir. by Thina Zibi & Slindile Mthembu, 2021, South Africa

-Twitch, dir. by Lauren Hammersley, 2021, UK

-Defabricated #2, dir. by Biswajit Das, 2020, India

-Binaural Glass, dir. by Shelley Hopkins, 2020, UK

-Simé Love, dir. by Ugo Vittu & Peter the Moon, 2021, France

-We are such stuff as dreams are made on, dir. by Sam Crane, 2021, UK

-Death Valley, dir. by Grace Sloan, 2021, US


Program 3: Sunday April 10th, 2:30pm

-Chronicle of the Underground, dir. by Daniel Noreña, 2020, Mexico

-A Heap of Broken Images, dir. by Francisco Rojas, 2021, Chile

-Imagine none of this is real, dir. by Nicole Baker Peterson, 2020, Canada/US

-Poco Allegretto, dir. by Kelly Gallagher, 2020, US

-Connexions, dir. by Cendrine Robelin, 2020, France

-Texturas de luz sober fondo negro, dir. by Luis Carlos Rodriguez, 2021, Spain

-Dune, dir. by Gabor Ulrich, 2019, Hungary

-Navras, dir. by Marco Huertas, 2020, Spain/Cambodia/Germany/India/Macao

-Water Margin, dir. by Grau Del Grau, 2021

-Valdediós, dir. by Elena Duque, 2019, Spain

-Dustria, dir. by Allison Tanenhaus, 2020, US

-Antipode, dir. by Oliver Folcarelli, 2021, Denmark

-Hooked On, dir. by Nikola Polic, 2020, China/Serbia

-Diminished, dir. by Richard Martin, 1980, Canada


Program 4: Sunday April 10th, 4:45pm

-Cactus Raptus, dir. by Maxime Hot, 2018, France

-T is for Turnip, dir. by Kiera Faber, 2015, US

-Prometheus, dir. by Dominic Angerame, 2021, US

-A View From The Cliff, dir. by Anouk Laure Chambaz, 2021, France/Switzerland

-A History of the Wheel, dir. by Tony Hill, 2021, UK

-TIMELESS, dir. by c999, 2021, Italy

-Time Glider, dir. by Jacob Allen Johnston, 2020, US

-Rotary, dir. by Julie Martin, 2020, US

-All You Want is Greece, dir. by Alex Morelli, 2021, US

-Identity Parade, dir. by Gerard Freixes Ribera, 2017, Spain

-Nature Sounds, dir. by Contrarios, 2020, Spain

-The long wail of a passing train, dir. by Anne-Marie Bouchard, 2020, Canada

-Katagami, dir. by Michael Lyons, 2017, Japan

-THE PUNISHMENT, dir. by Nelson Fernandes, 2012, Spain

-Light Essay, dir. by Gabriella Vincze-Bába & Polina Khatsenka, 2021, Austria

-Migratory, dir. by Siri Stensberg, 2021, US

-Fragile Dream, dir. by Isabelle Hayeur, 2019, Australia/Canada

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