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1 Program Schedule

Cinegraffic Score, dir. by iloobia - Program 1

Program 1: Something Else

Friday, April 26 @ 6pm


Clear Ice Fern, dir. by Mark Street, US, 12:00 - Film Spotlight

Flow Go, dir. by John Dawson, US 1:30

Cinegraffic Score, dir. by iloobia, UK, 4:51

Study of a landscape, dir. by Damien Cattinari, France, 6:00

Pushing Through, dir. by Geneviève Bélanger Genest,

Canada, 8:58

Still Life with Woman, Tea and Letter, dir. by Tess Martin,

Netherlands, 2:14

Konstantin, dir. by Hogan Seidel, US, 3:00

Tape-stry, dir. by Rennie Taylor, Canada, 2:10

Moth Print, dir. by Sarah Bliss, US, 3:35

Metamorphosed bodies of the star that generates us,

dir. by Adina Ionescu-Muscel, Belgium, 3:28

Waking Field, dir. by Brian Alexander, US, 6:01

Wavewidth, dir. by Ethann Néon, Belgium, 4:43

thread, dir. by Abigail Smith, US, 2:06

Black Box Investigations, dir. by Paige Smith, Canada, 2:54

crow, dir. by Adam Kerr, US, 15:31

Clear Ice Fern, dir. by Mark Street - Program 1

2Program schedul

MINIMUM SPEED NOT RESPECTED, dir. by André Marques - Program 2

Ashes of Roses, dir. by Sasha Waters - Program 2

Program 2: New Light

Friday, April 26 @ 8pm


Triple Loaders, dir. by Em Van Loan, US, 3:30

electric moonlight & the language within the leaves, dir. by Takahiro Suzuki,

US, 8:10

in dreams only, dir. by Justin Clifford Rhody, Abigail Smith, Andrew

Weathers, Gretchen Korsmo, Ben Kujawski, US, 10:55

moving water, dir. by James Murphy, Ireland, 2:09

With You, dir. by Heather Brown, US, 9:10

Excuse Me, Miss!, dir. by Cherlyn Hsing-Hsin Liu, US, 12:53

Parts, dir. by Michael Lyons, Japan, 4:47


Portugal, 10:00

Changes, dir. by Lauren Bumgarner, US, 4:30

Lost Winds, dir. by Caryn Cline, US, 3:00

Ashes of Roses, dir. by Sasha Waters, US, 11:30

3 Program Schedule

Living Lessons in the Museum of Order, dir. by Malic Amalya - Program 3

Program 3: Losing Sight

Saturday, April 27 @ 6pm


Process Technique Unfolding, dir. by Roger Horn, US, 2:26

Empty House, dir. by Ben Kujawski, US, 5:29

TODAY IS A VERY SPECIAL DAY, some-times, dir. by Matt

Whitman, US, 9:26

A Sign of the Times, dir. by Peter Rose, US, 1:47

The Time of Signs and Wonders, dir. by Luke Thompson,

US, 12:19

sunspots, burnt into my heart, dir. by Craig Scheihing, US, 2:14

Silent chirping of invisible Digits, dir. by Vera Sebert,

Germany, 10:11

Living Lessons in the Museum of Order, dir. by Malic Amalya,

US, 20:00

Quartet for the End, dir. by Gregg Biermann, US, 13:33

The Time of Signs and Wonders, dir. by Luke Thompson - Program 3

4 Program

grain cloud atmosphere, dir. by Martin Moolhuijsen - Program 4

Light, Noise, and Smoke, and Light, Noise, and Smoke, dir. by Tomonari Nishikawa - Program 4

Program 4: Altered Consciousness

Saturday, April 27 @ 8pm


Light, Noise, Smoke, and Light, Noise, Smoke, dir. by Tomonari Nishikawa,

Japan, 6:00

Menorrhagia, dir. by Claire Maske, US, 5:28

This Is How I Felt, dir. by Josh Weissbach, US, 1:35

Trouble with Johnny,  Paul Echeverria, US, 4:33

Half Light, dir. by Ryan Marino, US, 10:00

Liminal Senses, dir. by F. C. Zuke, US, 5:00

Hungry Ghost, dir. by Guido Devadder and Kaitlin McSweeney, Belgium, 6:52

Direction of the Road, dir. by Janelle VanderKelen, US, 7:42

Enochian, dir. by William Milo Mosqueda, US, 3:04

Solar Storm, dir. by Masha Vlasova, US, 2:50

Rebirth, dir. by Silvia Mantellini Faieta, Italy, 9:13

(R)evolving, dir. by Hanna Mari Ojala, Finland, 10:58

grain cloud atmosphere, dir. by Martin Moolhuijsen, Germany, 6:38

5 Program sched

Program 5: What Next

Sunday, April 28 @ 1pm


Transmission, dir. by Mats Landström, Sweden, 4:40

Admissions of Desire, dir. by Becca Rieckmann, US, 8:11

Over We Go, dir. by Mary Billyou, US, 8:20

A Meditation on Nature in the Absence of an Eclipse,

dir. by Crystal Z Campbell, US, 8:12

Aluna, dir. by Elias Hill, US, 6:25

Ferne Stimmen, dir. by Annik Leroy & Julie Morel,

Belgium, 5:00

unwavering / unfettered, dir. by Rana San, US, 2:34

Heat Spells, dir. by Sarah Ballard, US, 9:04 

Power and Corruption, dir. by Dave Johnson, Canada, 3:37

Patient, dir. by Lori Felker, US, 20:00

Power and Corruption, dir. by Dave Johnson - Program 5

A Meditation on Nature in the Absence of an Eclipse, dir. by Crystal Z Campbell - Program 5

Patient, dir. by Lori Felker - Program 5

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