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WOEFF2023 program

Free admission | Noble Theater, OKCMOA | 415 Couch Dr, OKC, OK











Program 1: Saturday, April 22 3pm

Light’s Return, dir. by Kathleen Rugh, 2021 (US) - Spotlight write-up

Lone Star State, dir. by Sarah Soucek, 2022 (US)

I Gave It To You, dir. by Claire Maske, 2022 (US) - Filmmaker Interview

Walden [verb], dir. by Emma Rozanski, 2022 (US) - Spotlight write-up

Luminae, dir. by Dominic Angerame, 2023 (US)

Poignant Sorrow for an Immediate Cause, dir. by Erica Hill, 2022 (US)

"The Inner Project", dir. by Tatjana Evonuk, 2022 (Ireland)

There, Where She Is Not, dir. by Sarah Ballard, 2022 (US)

Film dying under a patch of earth, dir. by Carmine Lo Regio, 2022 (US)

Saline, dir. by Anne-Marie Bouchard, 2022 (Canada)

Arrorró, dir. by Rafael de Almeida, 2022 (Brazil, Spain)











Program 2: Saturday, April 22 5pm


Fixing A Hole, dir. by Pierre Ajavon, 2019 (France)

Subway Stops, dir. by Joe Zakko, 2022 (US) - Spotlight write-up

A Grand Day Out, dir. by Iolo Edwards, 2022 (UK)

The Way We Flow, dir. by Lauren Bumgarner, 2022 (US)

Sunny Side Up, dir. by Misha Felix, 2022 (US) - Spotlight write-up

futile / gestures, dir. by Yolanda Tianyi-Shao & Aaron Holmes, 2022 (US)

Language Unknown, dir. by Janelle VanderKelen, 2022 (Spain, US)

Street Twenty-Seven Number Ten Sixteen, dir. by Josh Weissbach, 2015 (US, Cuba)

Dissolution, dir. by Rennie Taylor, 2022 (Canada)

Against Time, dir. by Ben Russell, 2022 (France)



















Program 3: Sunday, April 23 1pm


Memorabilia, dir. by Mélissa Faivre, 2019 (France, Germany)

How to Shoot Flowers, dir. by Francesca Svampa, 2022 (Italy) - Spotlight write-up

Frequencies of Deep Time, dir. by Eric Souther, 2022 (US)

60 Second Thoughts: Volume 2, dir. by David Baeumler, 2022, (US)

Light Leak, dir. by Nate Dorr, 2021 (US)

Valley Fever Dream, dir. by Andy Moore, 2022 (US)

1MTH/MIN, dir. by Ethann Néon, 2021 (Belgium)

The man who could not see far enough, dir. by Peter Rose, 1981 (US) - Spotlight write-up










Program 4: Sunday, April 23 3pm


all roses sleep (inviolate light), dir. by Alana Bartol & Bryce Krynski, 2022 (Canada)

Film Tattoo, dir. by Caryn Cline, 2020 (US)

//Current state = true, dir. by Laura Iancu, 2021 (US)

Radiant Forms, dir. by Ryan Marino, 2022 (US)

Us, dir. by Nelson Fernandes, 2021 (Portugal)

LDN 41.5072N 0.1276W, dir. by Wen Pey Lim, 2022 (Malaysia, UK)

Roger's Eye, dir. by Daniele Grosso, 2021 (Portugal)

Photosynthetic Patterns, dir. by Victor Emmanuel Navarro, 2022 (Mexico)

An Inertial Frame of Reference (three poems), dir. by Damian Gonzalez & Jeremy Weinstein, 2022 (US)

Black Palms, dir. by Justin Clifford Rhody, 2022 (US)

brushstrokes, dir. by Francisco Rojas, 2021 (Chile)

Anima #1, dir. by Vasco Diogo, 2022 (Portugal)

you feel soft, dir. by Cameron Kletke, 2022 (Canada) - Spotlight write-up

Mushroom Water, dir. by Roger Horn, 2021 (Germany)

Rodas, dir. by Manu Toro, 2022 (Spain)

Pet World, dir. by Sofia Theodore-Pierce & Grace Mitchell, 2022 (US) - Spotlight write-up

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Taylor_Rennie_Dissolution_Super 8_2022_Still_3.jpg

Walden [verb] - Program 1

Arrorró - Program 1

Lone Star State - Program 1

Dissolution - Program 2

Against Time - Program 2

Memorabilia - Program 3

The man who could not see far enough - Program 3

Anima #1 - Program 4

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a PDF of the festival program


Pet World - Program 4

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